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About Us

Following this philosophy and after years of research and development, we have created in the year 2000 this revolutionary system of retractable coverings and awnings that for this characteristic have become an International Patent denominated System.

Our long lasting experience and profession allow us to offer high quality products and exclusive projects for your: hotels, restaurants, malls, bars, terraces, private houses, swimming pools ad much more. You can call us with confidence, our technicians will suggest the best covering solution with the following advantages: sun, rain and UV rays protection;

All our awnings and coverings are made with the best fabrics and with high quality materials coming from the top worldwide manufacturer.

Our Sun Awnings are very good quality products that can be customized in shape, colour, fabric pattern and choice of materials to satisfy your specific requirements. Suitable for any type of house, they add style and character to your property (terraces and balconies) and your outdoor spaces (gardens, courtyards, clearings). They can provide colour and uniformity to buildings’ facades.

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